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American Government Course by Harvard University

Institution: Kennedy School – Harvard University

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Duration: 16 weeks

Effort: 3 hours per week

Price: FREE. Certificate for $99.

US Capitol Building

Harvard University, through its partnership with HarvardX announces an exciting course in American Government. This online course offers a comprehensive introduction to American government and related politics, including foundations, organizations, and policies. It is taught by Thomas E. Patterson, a skilled and renowned instructor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government within Harvard University.

The course is sixteen weeks in length and requires about three hours a week of work, depending on skill level and background. Although it is a free course, a verified certificate may be added for $99. This certificate is official and verified, offering students the option to share it instantly via a resume, portfolio, or online management system such as LinkedIn.

Course material covers all aspects of everyday American lives. It examines the following key questions:

  • How is the American political system founded?
  • How and why do leading institutions (such as Congress) operate?
  • Where do public opinion, parties, lobbyist groups, and the media fit in?
  • What are the bases behind the United States’ economic, social, and foreign policies?

The course explains both theory along with individual cases (such as the Iraq invasion) to provide a thorough understanding of how the American government operates. It is an ideal option for college and advanced placement high school students, educators looking for a way to expand upon their own courses, and citizens both domestic and abroad looking to understand how the U.S. political system functions.

Coursework will also allow students to develop critical thinking skills, citizenship, and the ability to reason analytically and synthesize learned information. Class topics include a sampling of the following:

  • Political culture
  • Federalism
  • Civil liberties
  • Congress (constituency and party)
  • Presidents & domestic vs. foreign policies
  • Political parties
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Fiscal and monetary policy
  • Regulatory policy
  • Dynamics of American politics

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