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LSE Summer School

The LSE Summer School is an international program attracting a wide range of candidates from over one hundred countries. This program allows students to engage in exceptional coursework such as English Law and English for Business on one of the most prestigious campuses in the world. Students will take classes all day and then engage in cultural activities in London, benefiting from world-class experiences in the cultural hub of Europe.

Courses at the LSE Summer School are taught at three levels, each equating to the three years of undergraduate study typical to the UK university system. As a result, different levels of experience are required. For a first year undergraduate program, no college experience is necessary, while two and three hundred level programs may require some experience.

These programs are academically challenging, and therefore the application process is highly rigorous. Applicants must provide physical proof of an offer of admission at a university, or a transcript evincing current or previous participation in a university program. For applicants applying to two hundred or three hundred level courses, a university transcript showing that the applicant meets course-specific prerequisites are required.

Proof of English language proficiency is also required. This can be demonstrated via the Pearson examination, College English Test, Trinity ISE, TOEFL, or IELTS. In addition, applicants should have a demonstrated track record of academic success. A GPA of 3.3 is required. Finally, all candidates must submit an application fee of fifty euros. This is nonrefundable.

Sessions are offered in three blocks. The first runs from June 18 to July 6, the second from July 9 to July 27, and the final from July 30 to August 17. Students must arrange for study visas and accommodations in London for the duration of the program. Questions about the program or applications may be directed to

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