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Duration: 12 days

Academic Year: 2018

UCL Summer School

Imperial College London invites students to apply for this year’s Global Summer School. This program, lasting two weeks, provides a rigorous academic program for the most elite students around the globe. The program is designed for students aged sixteen to seventeen years old who are passionate about science, technology, mathematics, or engineering.

This program is taught by current teachers at Imperial College who have the experience and knowledge necessary to help students excel in areas such as engineering, medicine, business, and science. Students will engage in specific subject-area courses featuring lectures, seminars, and practical work. The program also includes professional workshops and career guidance.

The program is divided into two segments. In the first segment, participants will join a learning stream in their designated subject of study. They will attend a series of content-focused sessions taught by Imperial College faculty members. In the second segment, participants will participate in team challenges to solve real-world problems. The program also features a variety of evening and weekend social programs.

To apply, a paper application form must be completed. Transcripts must also be supplied to evidence that the candidate has grades ranking As or higher at the GCSE level or equivalent. Clear motivation for attending the summer school must also be required. Applicants must provide proof of English proficiency via completion of an examination, such as the IELTS. On the application, students should provide information such as personal details and a statement of interest. References should also be provided from teachers who know the student well, along with one of the candidate’s parents.

Applications are assessed using very specific criteria, both of which can be found on Imperial College’s website. Two programs will be offered in 2018, with the first beginning on July 2 and the second starting on August 6. Questions may be directed to the university at +44 (0)20 7589 5111 .

To learn more and apply, click here.

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