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Fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin



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Berlin Institute for Advanced Study

Each year, the Wissenschaftskolleg invites qualified, exceptional researches from all disciplines and nationalities to spend a year researching a topic of choice in Berlin. Each class contains about forty fellows who are evaluated based on their individual accomplishments in their fields of study.

To apply, potential fellows should have exemplary past research experience, and present research proposal that demonstrates both quality and potential. Each application will be evaluated by a distinguished Advisory Board, which contains scholars, scientists, and other experts.

Applications should contain a theme that can allow them to collaborate with scholars from other disciplines and traditions. Candidates should submit a sketch of their intended research and include prior accomplishments. Proposals do not have to have any relation to Berlin, but should be possible to complete in residency within the city.

Candidates will be selected at any time of the year, with nominations being accepted at all times. The Advisory Board meets twice a year and makes selections for fellows roughly two years in advance. Fellows should expect to live and work on the campus of the Wissenschaftskolleg in the Grunewald area of Berlin. Fellows will engage in meals and a weekly colloquium with other fellows. Any research involving long-term absences cannot be accepted.

Applicants should possess strong intellectual curiosity and a willingness to explore other disciplines and areas of research. Early career researchers are encouraged to apply, as long as they have published a monograph or several articles in periodicals. Applications are especially encouraged from individuals studying in the College for Life Sciences. Fellows should have a doctorate and proficiency in the English language.

To apply, candidates should submit a current curriculum vitae and a list of all publications, as well as one or two recent articles related to the applicant’s work in the proposed topic. The applicant should also submit a project description and a summary of the expected work in this area of research. All applications and materials can be submitted via the electronic platform at https://application.wiko-berlin.de/.

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