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Contract Law Online 8-Week Course

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Duration: 8 weeks

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EdX offers a self-paced course in contract law for young professionals, or experienced industry veterans looking for a refresh. This course, titled Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract, acknowledges the everyday necessity of contracts. Contracts allow for credit, promise, trust, and collaboration, and this course evaluates each aspect of contract formation, enforcement, and infringement.

The course is taught by Harvard Law professor Charles Fried, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on contract law. He has been teaching at Harvard Law School for over fifty years and has written extensively on contract law. Professor Fried provides a unique course experience with extensive study in contract law and the utilization of an engaging storytelling approach.

In addition to reviewing basic contract components and policies, students will also engage in units on Interpretation, Agency, Partnerships, Corporations, and Government Regulation. Students will benefit from new materials and updated case samples. Coursework will include the study of a theoretical background of contracts, trust, and promise, along with studies on how to form contracts through valid offer and acceptance. Students will learn issues that arise when entering and enforcing contracts, as well as how to create legal relations and common pitfalls. Offered at an intermediate level, it is taught entirely in English. The course hosts open enrollment and allows students to engage with academic professionals at a minimal out-of-pocket expense.

This course lasts for a total of eight weeks, and requires three to six hours of work per week. While the course itself is offered free of charge, participants may add a verified certificate of completion for just $125. This certificate can be added directly to a CV or resume, or posted on LinkedIn. It provides an additional incentive to complete the course. To register for the course or to obtain more information, interested students should visit

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