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Business Strategy Online Course from The Wharton School



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Duration: 6 weeks

Effort: 3 to 4 hours per week

Price: $585 USD


The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania offers a unique, strategy-based course to help professionals learn how to improve their positions in the marketplace. This course is self-paced and lasts around six weeks, with an average time commitment of three to four hours per week. At the low cost of just $585, it’s a smart choice for intermediate students or practitioners in Business or Management.

This graduate-level course is taught entirely in English, and is ideal for individuals with basic familiarity with business concepts. It recognizes that taking and maintaining a competitive advantage requires more than timing or a snap solution. It instead necessitates a thoughtful, well-implemented strategy. This course gives practitioners the tools and structures necessary to develop effective strategies.

Students will learn how to evaluate the success and modifications of their own strategies, as well as how to determine the source of a potential advantage. This source may encompass the internal, external, and dynamic fit of the strategy. Students will also be able to assess the impact of the moves of their competitors and how to maintain an advantage, while also understanding the factors that create and maintain competitive advantage. Upon finishing the course, students will have an idea of how to identify barriers to change, as well as how to implement a successful, advantageous edge.

The course syllabus will tackle basic questions such as, “What is strategy?” and also address the difference between organizational effectiveness and strategy. It will examine the importance of tradeoffs and the value chain, and also look at interactions among strategic choices.

This course is taught by David M. Knott, Professor of Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The course is designed for busy working professionals and is offered entirely online. Graduates will earn continuing education credits that are often required for certifications and licensures.

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